Meet The Organized Fox

Megan A. Fox
Megan A. Fox

It really all started as a kid building my own Barbie dream home and setting up the furniture for move-in.  I liked to build, design, and organize my toys, clothes, CDs, and family members’ pantries and kitchens along the way.  Not sure everyone asks their sister, “May I organize your spice drawer?  It’s driving me crazy!”

I have a BA in psychology from Gettysburg College and a MS in human development and family studies from the University of Rhode Island.  Both degrees prepared me for my full-time career working with college-aged students, but also prepared me to work alongside individuals to help them achieve their goals.  If your goal is to get your home or business organized, I am here to help.

I’m a native Rhode Islander who grew up in Jamestown and I currently live in the Edgewood neighborhood Cranston with my husband PJ and our Shiba Inu Mr. Miyagi.  

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